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This website is not affiliated or sponsored by any state or organization. The information provided was researched through open source material and collected by Private Investigators. The practice examinations created are based on each states laws, policies and regulations. They were created based on an examination outline and content structure.  Our SME's have written questions based on the subject matter obtained from the state.  The SME's used their expertise, training and experience to building  questions in the same manner as a test development program.  We therefore want to make clear that any questions similar in any manner to questions on the actual examination are purely coincidental.  We at piPrep Inc. do not condone nor encourage cheating in any manner.  Our products are to be used as a study guide and tool to pass the state licensing examination.  Any questions can be posted to the President, piPrep Inc at Good luck with your examination.  I hope piPrep Inc. was of value to your testing experience.

Subject Matter Experts have created a series of Practice Examinations for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana and Tennessee.   Our SME's have over 30 years of combined experience in Federal and State Law enforcement and are currently licensed Private Investigators themselves. Exhaustive hours have gone into researching the testing requirements for each individual State listed on this page.  As certified Private Investigators we underwent the same process you're going through now, so we understand how important it is to go into a State testing center feeling confident and armed with the knowledge needed to pass the examination and obtain your license. Therefore, we developed an all-inclusive website to help you prepare for the PI examination by providing all the necessary research material used as the basis to create the actual State Examination to study.  We took all the guess work out of finding the correct study material.  We created Practice Examinations for the state licensing examinations that will be a great tool for retaining the required knowledge to pass any State examination.


Although we make every attempt to build examinations and sample test questions that uniquely fit the state examination you are taking, it's very important to know that NONE of our practice test questions are going to be on your state examination.  This would be unethical and probably illegal to do so.  Therefore, do not purchase this examination if you think you are buying the actual state test questions.  If we did that, we could compromise the states examination which we will not willingly or knowingly do.  If we do have questions that are close to the state examination, it is purely coincidental and not intentional. You are buying this practice examination as a study tool to check your knowledge of the study material provided by the state.  DO NOT use our practice examinations as your only source of study material.  If you do, you will more than likely fail the test for which we are not responsible.  

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The GA Private Detective Examination is undergoing an update. The state added additional study material and have changed their examination.   The current examination covers about 80% of the study material, but it does not cover all study material at this time.  As a result, the current practice examination is being offered at a 50% discount until the updated version is available.