This website is not affiliated or sponsored by any state or organization. The information provided was researched through open-source material and collected from the individual state sponsoring the examination. The practice examinations created are based on each states laws, policies and regulations. They were created based on an examination outline and content structure. The state has a bank of hundreds, if not thousands, of test questions to choose from when creating individual tests. This is another safety measure taken by the testing company to help protect their test from compromise. Therefore, when you buy one of our practice examinations you are purchasing knowing that these are sample questions that will not be on the actual test, nor can we say that all subjects in our practice examination will be on the State examination. Use our practice examinations as a study tool and not your only study guide material. We recommend you study the material and take our examination to help test your knowledge of what you have studied thus far. We do not recommend taking our practice examination and using it as your only study material. Our SME's have written questions based on the subject matter obtained from the state. The SME's used their expertise, training and experience to building questions in the same manner as a test development program. We therefore want to make clear that any questions similar in any manner to questions on the actual examination are purely coincidental. We at piPrep Inc. do not condone nor encourage cheating in any manner. Our products are to be used as a study guide and tool to pass the state licensing examination. Do not hold piPrep Inc. responsible if you fail the examination, it's you and only you who is responsible for studying and retaining knowledge of the material provided the state. Any questions can be posted to the President, piPrep Inc at Good luck with your examination. I hope piPrep Inc. was of value to your testing experience.

       Gregg  Munroe

                                 Founder and President

Gregg Munroe has over 30 years’ professional experience in law enforcement, force protection and private investigation. He began his career in law enforcement in 1982 as a city police officer in South Florida.  In 1987 he joined a Federal Law Enforcement agency where he spent the next 23 years conducting and supervising a myriad of major felony, counterintelligence and counter terrorism investigations and proactive covert and overt operations. He retired as a senior executive with this agency; his last position being as a Special Agent in Charge of a large Field Office in Southern California.

Upon retiring from federal service Gregg became an executive with a private investigation agency with many diverse corporate and private clients requiring a full gambit of security and loss prevention services. In this arena Gregg became acquainted with licensing bodies and high stake licensing examinations. National clients required him to build security plans and loss prevention policies that served to protect this type of intellectual property from loss, theft and ultimate compromise. During the course of this work he became knowledgeable of the methods and requirements in developing examinations so they were relevant as a tool to measure an individual’s knowledge and competence in a particular field of study.

After leaving that company Gregg opened his own private investigative agency and met many budding PI's who were studying for a particular state licensing agency.  Their constant complaint was that there were no "Practice Examinations" out there that they could find to help them study for the actual state examination.  It was at that time that piPrep Inc. was conceived.  With Gregg's background in Law Enforcement, Private Investigations and high stake examination security, along with his knowledge of test development, he decided the best way he could help out these budding PI's was to give them a valuable tool that will help them study for and pass their respective state examination so they can begin their PI career.  It was a logical transition due to Gregg's expertise. 

The business started with one state.  It has now grown to five. The clients who have purchased these examinations to date have said they were an invaluable tool that not only helped them to study, but ultimately pass the examination.  There is no better feeling as the developer and creator of these practice examinations than to know the practice examination was instrumental in helping one of my clients pass the examination.   


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