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1. Does your practice examination contain questions that are on the state exam?

Answer: Not Intentionally. When you buy one of our practice examinations you are purchasing knowing that these are sample questions that will not be on the actual test, nor can we say that all subjects in our practice examination will be on the State examination. Please do not buy this examination if you think we are giving you the answers to the test. The states would come after this company for compromising their examination. If there are questions that are the same or similar, it is purely coincidental and not intentional on our part.

2. How do you create the practice test questions?

Answer: All material required by the state to study for the test, including the purchasing of books, is collected and studied. We then go through all the material and create practice test questions similar to how the subject matter experts (SMS's) will create test questions for the state. We attempt to be as thorough as possible when creating these questions. We also make sure that when we create the test questions they are in the same format as the actual test questions?  For more information on how we create our test questions go the "Test Information" page by clicking here.

3.  Can I use your practice examination as my only study guide or form of studying?

Answer:  No, you should use this practice test as another study tool, not as your only form of studying.  Most states have many different study materials for your review, from laws to rules and regulations, to practical knowledge of being a PI.  Use our examination to augment your studying by taking our practice examination to test your knowledge of the material you've studies so far.  Remember, our examination is no replacement for studying and understanding all material provided by the state.  

4. If they are no actual test questions on the state test then why should we buy the practice examinations?

Answer: This should be considered another tool in your toolbox when studying for the examination. Study the material prior to taking the practice examination. As you take the examination, since we use the exactly the same study material as the state examination, you should be able to use our practice examination to see how much of the study material you have retained. With that said, you must also understand that state exams have pools of hundreds, if not thousands, of questions in their question banks. Beside a group of core questions that all people get, no two tests are usually the same (Usually true when taking a computer-based test). Therefore, we could not honestly say that our practice examinations cover all topics and subject matter that you could see on the actual state test. It is recommended that you study the material and take our examination to help test your knowledge of what you have studied thus far.  Do NOT use the practice exam as your only study material!

5. Are you responsible if we fail the examination?

Answer: No, we take no responsibility for your failure during the examination. It is your responsibility to study and understand the material prior to taking the examination. Again, do not think our practice examination has actual state questions or is an easy way to pass the test. We think by taking our practice examination you are able to judge how well you know the material we are covering from the state's study material.

6. Can you purchase or see sample questions that are on your practice test before we purchase the full version?

Answer: Yes, we provide a 10-question sample test for free. Simply go to the state page and scroll down until you see the box called Sample test. Click on that for free access. You can take our practice examination as many times as you want, but remember, it's always the same 10 questions?

7. What is your refund policy?

Answer: If you purchase the hard copy, there is no refund as you have been emailed the test and there is no way to control what happens to the test once it's emailed to you. Therefore, make sure you want the test before purchasing. If, however, you purchase the Computer Based Test alone, then we can refund your monies as long as you have not taken the test. We can look at our computer logs to see who has taken the test and how many times they have taken them. Failing your state test is not a viable reason for a refund.

8. How often is your practice examination updated?

Answer: At least once a month we search the state webpages to see if there were any changes in the testing process and/or study material. If there is, we then review the material and either add questions that meet the new material or delete questions that no longer apply.

9. How can I purchase the state examination?

Answer: Please go to the following link (click here) and follow the directions for your state. We use Square as our third-party vendor to handle all of our transactions. As soon as Square sends us a message that your payment went through, we will send you out your test via email.

10. Once I order the practice test how long will it take to arrive?

Answer: As soon as Square alerts us to your payment, we immediately process your order.  Look for an email from us with a link to access your testing page.   In most instances you can expect your test within minutes, but sometimes it does take longer. Also, if it’s been what you feel is too long, please first check your spam folder. If not there, please write to us at for a status.

11. If I order the computer-based test how many times can I take the test and from what devices?

Answer: You can take the practice test an unlimited number of times. However, if you start a test, you must finish it. It cannot be saved. You can take the test from any device, smart phone, computer, tablet, etc.  When you complete the test, you will immediately be given your answers.  When you get an answer wrong it will give you the correct one.  

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