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I would like to inform you that the content from the practice examination was spot on.  I would recommend your study material, it was a perfect blend of true/false and scenario based questions.  I would not change a thing.  Thanks again!!

The practice examination was very helpful.  I thank you very much.  I would have not had a direction to study key points without your material.

As I took the exam I could see the "familiarity" of your study materials with the exam and that gave me encouragement as I began. Let me say as well that I do not mean that to infer duplication of questions. I mention the quality of your materials were in line (of study) in order to take this exam with confidence.

Your practice examination was well rounded.  It had a perfect blend of true/false, multiple choice and scenario based questions.  The state examination had a lot of scenarios which had a lot of unnecessary "fluff" built into the questions. They were even long sometimes taking up 2/3 of a page.  However, your practice examination was clear and very helpful in answering those questions. 

After taking the exam and taking another look at your practice questions, you really covered it well. 

I found the reference points at the end of each question very helpful.  I found myself using the reference points to check answers and to confirm your answers when I had a question.  Everything was spot on.  

Humbly, I was a very good investigator. I was still the guy that wanted to "help people", especially those who couldn't help themselves. But when it came to the PI test, its another world-genre. Your materials are a great resource, but you still have to study the state materials. Again, your materials help the student know how to "focus" on how the questions will be presented and the content is very applicable.

It is feed back and TLC that will make your company soar above the rest. Thanks for all your interest and guidance. Rest assure that when given the chance I will recommend your site and services.

The layout of the Practice Exam was very similar to that of the actual (State) exam.  Having gone over the practice exam several times prepared me for the actual (State) exam.  To the point where, on several occasions, as I began to read the question, I knew exactly where they (the state exam) were going with it.  Having seen the information before and knowing it instilled a great deal of confidence in taking the (State) exam.  This may sound like and obvious statement but it is very different than just reading and getting to know the statutes.  By seeing the information laid out in the form of questions, in the way it was laid out, was a definite advantage.  As the (State) exam progressed, confidence grew.    Overall, the Practice Exam and the study material provided for print on your website was extremely helpful to me.  I highly recommend anyone preparing to take the State Private Investigator's Examination here in (state) to include this Practice Examination in their Studies.  Thank You. 

Just wanted to thank you for the great product. I received a 92% on the (State) exam.

(I) got a 98 on the test today, thanks for the advice, your sample test was great thanks again.  By the way I am a retired homicide detective from new york living in Florida now but was not familiar with Florida (State Statute) 493.  Thanks to your practice test it was a breeze.  By the way I finished the test in 29 minutes the staff was amazed!!!!.  Your practice Examination covered all aspects of the State test.  The state twisted some of the information in a different way on some questions to make you think about it in reverse (trying to confuse you).  Half of the paragraph type questions I only read the first two lines and then every third or fourth word because I already knew the answers.  The practice test shows your weaknesses so you can go back and target those topics (great tool for learning)

thanks again for everything


Thank you for your materials and what you do to assist people in getting the information that is very helpful in taking the state exam. I took the exam and I "PASSED" ON THE FIRST TRY.... Thanks a lot

I utilized your practice PI examination in preparation to take the PI examination. After taking the practice examination, it identified areas within the study material where I was weak and needed to pay more attention to in my preparation for the examination. As a result, this eliminated unnecessary study time which is valuable when you only have a limited amount of time for study. However, when I did study I was more focused on only the significant areas identified by the practice examination within the study material. I highly recommend anyone who is considering taking the State PI examination get a copy of your PI practice examination. It is definitely worth the small cost which is more than made up for in study time savings and final results. After taking the PI examination I was confident that I had passed but was pleasantly surprised when I received my results at how well I had done. I give a large credit to my success to your practice examination. It is definitely an excellent study guide for the State PI examination. Thanks!

I finally attended my scheduled test date.  Since purchasing your material, I've had to wait due to a high volume of applicants - back-logged for months. At the State office, only 5 to 6 applicants are scheduled per testing days. Nonetheless, here is my opinion of your study material in comparison to the actual State of the Private Investigator Exam: Spot-on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although I read State study material numerous times in conjunction with your practice questions, (statute reference numbers were very helpful,) you totally hit the mark. As memory serves, several of the questions were presented in similar fashion to your samples. The only difference I found was that they made the scenario type questions much longer, I guess to try to weed out the not so committed applicants. Also I found that the multiple choice answers were very, very close to the correct answer; you had to really know the material to get it right. I truly appreciate your thoroughness, and would recommend your product to anyone interested in taking and passing this test. Although not perfect, my final score is 90%. The less than perfect score is in no way a reflection of your study guide's effectiveness, that’s on me!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

As a side note, prior to finding & purchasing your product, I purchased another companies product that claimed to be the best study material on the planet, and charges nearly twice the fee. It’s not my style to bash others, but that company’s claim is bogus to put it lightly!!! His material is out-dated, incomplete and I feel totally ripped-off from that purchase. Only one of the non-obvious questions from his material was on the exam. Furthermore, just prior to my test date, I became very suspicious of the date of his material that I received, and down loaded the most version. I found a vast difference from the version he sent me to the current version, even though he claimed the included version was applicable to November, 2013. His product @#$#@!!!!!!!! Please keep up the thoroughness of your sample questions and you may consider suggesting to future customers to make sure they reference your material to the most current version of other applicants.

I wanted to inform you that I passed the exam a few weeks ago on my first attempt. I scored an 84 percent. I could not have done it without your practice exam. Well worth the money. Thank you.

I wanted to let you know that the PI Practice Examination helped me tremendously. Although the questions on the State Exam contained different fact patterns, the issues were identical. I made a 96% on the exam and was thrilled. I took the practice exam twice, the second time was right before the exam and after studying the reference points you had included.  I don't know what I would have done without studying your materials and studying the entire Florida Statute, Chapter 493.  Thank you for helping me accomplish my goal towards a new career as a Licensed Investigator.

Thank you so much for your attentiveness in getting the GA Private Investigator Examination to me. It was truly a blessing. I passed the test!!!! I attribute the fact that I passed to your product. Not only was the content of the Practice Exam EXTREMELY helpful in judging how well prepared I was for the examination, but knowing the format of the test prior to sitting down to take it, made me completely at ease as I began. I would highly recommend that anyone looking to sit for the GA Board of Private Investigator and Security Agency Test order the Practice Exam. It gave me the edge and confidence I needed to pass the test.

I would like to let you know that this field of work is completely new to me. I had very little guidance on what I needed to study for my test. After extensive research on different study material, I came across this website and decided to purchase the test. The format of the test was very easy to follow. I would read the question first, look up the reference material provided, and then answer the question. I did this on every question. As far as the actual TN state test, the questions were a lot shorter than what was on the practice exam. The TN state test was 110 questions not 100 anymore. I was able to complete the test in 1 hour of the allotted 2 they give you. This is largely in part to great study material that PI-Prep offers. Anyone who is looking for a great place to start studying for the Private Investigator license, should definatly pay the 70$. It is more that worth it. By the way, I passed the first time😄.

I took my Private Investigator test today. Thanks to your test preparation booklet, I passed with a 91. The Dept. representative said that it was the highest score she had ever seen on the test at her office. I would not have been able to do as well without the prep. book. Thank you again.

I just wanted to say I found your practice test to be a valuable tool in studying to take the exam. Upon taking the actual exam I felt at ease and comfortable. I passed the exam with flying colors on the first try after only a few weeks of studying. Your product was essential in helping me better understand the law and preparing me for the actual state test. Thank you, and I will definitely recommend your services to anyone wishing to take the Exam.

The practice examination was very helpful. I thank you very much. I would have not had a direction to study key points without your material.

Just wanted to let you know I purchased your practice PI test on Tuesday and took the test on Wednesday.  I passed the Florida PI test. I studied section 493 but the test exam helped. I'm a 27 yr law enforcement pro got PI license in NYC but moved here so thanks again. Great help. Lots of things in practice test applied. Thanks guys. 

I am emailing this on behalf of my husband. We purchased the PI Practice Exam from you. My husband recently retired from 31 years in law enforcement. He served in many areas while a deputy, including narcotics detective, investigations, youth relations, etc. He said even with all of his experience, there is no way he would have passed that exam without your practice exam. He studied the material you sent for about two weeks and took his exam last week. HE PASSED THE FIRST TIME!!

He was mad that I spent that much for a practice exam, but when he came out of the exam he said it was well worth the $70 becuase he would have been lost without it!!

Just wanted you to know.

Thanks so much!

Just letting you know I took my test today and passed. I think out of the 100 questions, there were only 3 of them I did not know the answers to and don’t remember ever seeing the info in my study (although I think I had a pretty good guess). With all the rest there was no doubt in my mind as to the answer.

I have to say, in all honesty, your study questions helped tremendously. I think if I had not had your questions to study with, I for sure would not have done as well. The study questions hit on all the right topic areas.

Thanks again for your help and support. I guess now the hard part starts?? J

Great job on your product. No way could I have passed the test the first, or maybe the 4th or 5th attempt. Got 98 out 100 on first one.  Very similar questions.  I can't thank you enough. Money well spent.  Thanks!

I took the Fla. PI exam last week and did well. Your study guide was very helpful and allowed me to prepare well for the actual test format.Thank you!

I just wanted to reach out and share with you the practice exam was a huge success and contributing factor of my great score. Although the actual test questions were written a bit longer, the substance you provided in the practice exam was “on point”. It’s the best money spent yet in this licensure process and I would recommend anyone to your site for guidance. Much appreciated!

Because of the virus I was just now able to take the test (Alabama).  I passed.  Your material was the most major component in allowing me to pass.  Kelly

I would like to inform you that the content from the practice examination was spot on.  I would recommend your study material, it was a perfect blend of true/false and scenario based questions.  I would not change a thing.  Thanks again!!

Just wanted to followup and let you know that I took and passed my PI License exam today. Your company's practice test and reference material was extremely helpful. Not sure of my passing score yet, but I felt quite comfortable in taking the exam. I'm glad I went with your product.  Rick

I passed the test with 89 out of 100 not sure where I made mistakes some of the questions were pretty subtle but the majority were fairly obvious and I thought your test was pretty comparative thanks

I wanted to provide you some feedback on your Practice Exam for the Florida C License.

I passed with a score of 82/100! While I read the Florida Statute 493 twice and the Florida PI Study Handbook twice I relied mostly on your Company’s Test Exam as my primary source for preparation.

While I was shooting for a much higher score I am pleased I paid the $80 for your exam. Although I did not realize until after I submitted it that I could take it over multiple time and get a score each time. You explained that to me in your email but I missed it (may be the reason I missed 18 questions too-LOL).  John

I forgot to send this sooner but I passed the Class C test and did quite well. Your practice exam was set up exactly like the actual exam and also set up in a way to ensure I'd learn and remember the most important parts. Thank you again!

Thank You


I took the Florida PI Class C exam this week and passed with flying colors. I wanted to thank you and your team for the practice test material. I found the material to be very helpful along with my studies of the Florida Stature 493.

My endorsement is for any potential candidate to definitely study the 493, but also I strongly encourage them to invest in your Florida Practical Exam workbook to ensure a passing grade.

Thanks again

Gregg, just wanted to reach out and say thanks for the Florida P.I. study guide.  It was a life saver! So many questions were what I felt taken right out of the prep test. I passed with flying colors!  I would definitely recommend this to any and everyone!  Amy S.

Hey Gregg, I took my PI test and passed with an 88%. Your practice test helped a lot. Thanks, Ryan G.

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I just wanted to contact you and tell you that you have another satisfied customer! I recently took my exam and passed on the first try. This is just another testament that your CBT is "on point" and for anyone who doubts passing the exam...don' will be confident that this practice test is what you need to be successful. Put in the work to study the material and take the CBT until you are tired of doing it. Then do it some more. You will walk into the exam ready.

I am truly grateful for you and your team to have this tool available.