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1.  Paperless

2.  Gain access to the examination 24/7 from any device.  The exam is mobile friendly

3.  Take the test as many times as you like and each time it's different

      a)   How is it different?  It's the same question examination as the paper exam, but each time you take the exam the test questions along with the answers to the questions are scrambled.  It makes it appear that it's a different test each time.  This helps greatly in using the examination as a study tool. 

4.  It's only $10.00 more so it's a great deal.

5.  This test works on both Windows and Mac platforms.

6.  This test is mobile device friendly.  Take it with you where ever you go.

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Computer Based Test


                                                                                                   SIMPLE DIRECTIONS:

1.  Purchase the online version of the Practice Examination by clicking on the Square ICON for the test you want to buy. 

2.  Wait for your confirmation email with directions and passcode.

3.  Once you are logged in through the "EXAMINATION" page you'll be able to begin taking the online computer based practice examination as many times as you like.  There are no limits to how many times you can take the examination. 

4.  If you have any problems accessing the online test please write to or call (407) 951-3632 for help. 


6 Reasons to buy the on-line computer based practice exam


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