About the Examination:  The examination is a computer based test administered by PSI Services LLC.  You must first submit your application to the Board.  They will review the application to ensure you meet the basic requirements.  At that time they will send you a letter notifying you that you are authorized to take the examination.  The cost of the test is $100.00.  The test is 50 questions long and you have a 1 hour time limit.  You need 70% (35 questions correct).   The current study material (see below) is the Alabama Private Investigation Board Administrative Code and The Complete Idiot's guide to Private Investigating, Third Edition, 2013, Alpha Books/Penguin.  

Various Forms required by the APIB.  Includes the PI application and Instructions.

APIB PI application and Instructions.

Alabama Private Investigation Regulatory Act.  

PI Administrative Code.  Required Study Material for the State PI Examination.

Frequently Asked Questions for those looking to become a PI in the State of Alabama.

This website is not affiliated or sponsored by any state or organization. The information provided was researched through open source material and collected by Private Investigators. The practice examinations created are based on each states laws, policies and regulations. They were created based on an examination outline and content structure. Our SME's have written questions based on the subject matter obtained from the state. The SME's used their expertise, training and experience to building questions in the same manner as a test development program. We therefore want to make clear that any questions similar in any manner to questions on the actual examination are purely coincidental. We at piPrep Inc. do not condone nor encourage cheating in any manner. Our products are to be used as a study guide and tool to pass the state licensing examination. Any questions can be posted to the President, piPrep Inc at Contactus@pi-prep.com. Good luck with your examination. I hope piPrep Inc. was of value to your testing experience.

To be used by current license holders to provide change of information to the APIB. 

Click HERE to be sent to the 10 question sample Alabama PI Examiantion.  The full version is still under deveolpmetn but will be ready soon.  Please email us at contactus@pi-prep.com for an update

All the information needed to apply for a Private Investigator License with APIB (Alabama Private Investigation Board)

The Form required by the APIB to document and record continuing education for license renewal.  

Provides information on the PI examination.  Provides the study material and how to apply for and take the examination.

FAQ regarding applicant fingerprinting.

Link to purchase the study book.

Link to PSI testing.  The bulletin provides you with all the information needed to study and take the test.

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